A brief history of Hooters Calendar. 

In 1986, the first edition of the Hooters Calendar hit the few Hooters Restaurants in existence at that time. Hooters of Clearwater, Tampa, Casselberry, Jacksonville and Lakeland almost sold out of the 2,500 copies printed that year. 2009 will mark Hooters Calendar's 23rd year, where distribution is estimated at a half million worldwide continuing their reputation as the best-selling calendar of its kind. Filled with photos of the world famous Hooters Girls, jokes and fun graphic elements, the Hooters Calendar is unique in a couple of ways.

 Chelsea morgensen hooters calendar 2017

One: The girls in our calendar aren't models from New York. You can actually meet every girl in person at a Hooters Restaurant around the world. It's hard to believe, but EVERY girl in the calendar must be a Hooters waitress, she may actually be the girl next door to you.

Two: The months are out of order. Chuck Melcher, publisher of, and partner in, the Hooters Calendar had this to say about that, "Our calendar had to be different. Anyone can make one you can write appointments and birthdays in, but we wanted to create a calendar that would actually make your day better. Between the girls and the jokes, I think we've managed to accomplish that." Doug Vollmer, head photographer and project director, continued, "As far as the months being out of order, that was how they came from the printer for proofing. We kind of liked the idea that, in order to find the right month, you had to search through the entire calendar again and that way, you would re-visit all of the girls and jokes again. So you're not just seeing them for one month, you're seeing them every month." Melcher pipes in, "And that can't be a bad thing!"

The Hooters Calendar has come a long way since the beginning, improved in size and shape as well as in quality and content. The process for selecting the girls is simple, yet time-consuming. First, girls submit photos of themselves to the Hooters Calendar Photo Crew for consideration. Several girls are then selected from each Hooters market for a professional shoot, sometimes in their local area or state, oftentimes in fun locations like Aspen, Las Vegas, Hawaii or the Caribbean. ("It's a tough job," Vollmer comments, "But somebody has to do it. Might as well be me!") Vollmer has several other photographers working with him around the country to accomplish this portion of the process. After all the photo sessions have taken place, Vollmer and the Hooters Calendar Photo Crew pore over the tens of thousands of photos culled from these shoots and then begins the arduous task of narrowing down the pics of the girls. Each girl is represented by a few of her best shots and then these are reviewed at the annual Photo Selection Convention. Generally held at the end of the summer, the photo selection process includes Hooters owners, franchisee groups, marketing associates and special celebrity guests, who all participate in the process of whittling down the thousands of photos to around 200 needed for the calendar. The Girls selected then enjoy a year of celebrity, traveling around the country, appearing on radio and television programs, doing calendar signing and generally just enjoying being recognized as some of the best looking women in the world!