Q&A: Chelsea Morgensen

HC: How/when did you choose to become a Hooters Girl and where did you start?

CM: In April of 2015 I was eating at Hooters in Burbank, CA with a friend of mine.  I was talking to him about needing a side job while pursuing my modeling and acting career.  Right then my Hooters Girl walked by and I asked her if they were hiring.  She said they were, sent a manager over and I was hired on the spot!  Fun fact: I competed in my first local bikini contest the day before my first shift and placed 3rd! 

HC: Can you describe the ups and downs of Hooters pageant week for us?

 Chelsea Morgensen

CM: Pageant week is so much fun for me!  It has been my favorite part of each year!  I'd say the only downs of pageant week are the 3-4am alarms and our feet dying by the end of the week lol!  But the alarms really aren't so bad because that just means its a new start to another exciting day!  The ups have to be seeing all the beautiful Hooters Girls I already knew and getting meet all the new girls from all over the world!  The friendships I have created from pageant week are some of the best I have ever had!!  Of course shooting for the Hooters Calendar is always one of my favorite things about the week!  It combines my favorite thing to wear (bikinis), my favorite activity (modeling) and awesome people that make up the Hooters Calendar crew!  Last what I think is really cool about pageant week is getting to meet a lot of the corporate people who make it all possible.  There aren't many places where the employees have this amazing opportunity.

HC: Congratulations of course on winning! What has life been like since being crowned?

CM: Thank you!!  Since winning Miss Hooters International I was flown to Florida to shoot with you guys which was so much fun!  I also had multiple over the phone interviews, Q&A interviews for articles and a TV interview for KTLA.  I also attended a car show at Hooters in Ontario, CA and was one of the judges which was fun and also went to the Del Mar horse races where afterwards I got to meet my Hooters franchise owners horses! I had such a blast even though one of the owners horses, Runaway, did try to eat my crown lol! (I actually have photo proof of this happening.)  My manager has also made sure I got my share of embarrassing introductions as the new Miss Hooters International at my Hooters in Hollywood, CA!

HC: You recently saw the cover of the 2018 Hooters Calendar you shot for at the HC Studio, what did you think about it?

CM:  Speaking of embarrassing introductions... My manager had told me I was going to be filming for a TV talk show that was going to take place there at my Hooters store and that I was going to be the featured Hooters Girl in the segment.  I showed up to work dressed and ready to go (with crown and sash on as requested) and as I was heading downstairs from the break room I heard loud chants. "CHELSEA! CHELSEA! CHELSEA!"  I turned to my other manager who was following me down the stairs recording me and asked what was going on.  So instead of filming they were actually surprising me with the cover of the calendar!  I LOVE my cover photo!  I'm so so excited about it!  It actually didn't hit me though that my picture was going to be on the cover at all stores around the country until I saw an Instagram post of two Hooters Girls holding the calendars.  When I saw that picture I thought "Wow.. this is actually happening! EEK!"

HC: If there is a girl out there deciding wether or not to apply for a job at Hooters, what advice would you give her?

CM: I would tell her to take every single opportunity Hooters has to offer.  Hooters does so much for their Hooters Girls and I have loved every moment of it.  From competing at Miss Hooters International, to shooting for the calendar, to shooting for national commercials and being on billboards and now being on even more ads all over the world after winning Miss Hooters International!  I have gotten to travel around the country with Hooters and will have the opportunity to travel around the world this year and it's things like that that separates Hooters from anyone else.  

HC: You are also pursuing a career in acting, right? How is that going?

CM:  I am pursuing a career in acting!  So far I have been in many projects but the most exciting ones have been being a part of a movie called The Hardest Thing where I play Kristen and it might be available to watch by the end of this year!  I'll keep everyone updated on social media!  I also shot a TV pilot called Lisa at Large where I play Summer and I honestly think it has the potential to be one of the top sitcoms out there!  So please keep your fingers crossed for me and both of the amazing crews behind these projects!  I'm also currently looking for an acting agent and/or manager so I can get my feet into more doors!  Hopefully this next year will bring many more projects into my life!

HC: Any hobbies that not a lot of people know about?

CM:  I'm an adrenaline junkie!  I always renew my Six Flags pass because I love rollercoasters!  I have also gone parasailing, jumped off two buildings and went sky diving (out of a plane) and can't wait to do it again!  I'm always looking for new thrilling things to do so if you know of any, let me know!  I also love playing with my doggies and rocking some karaoke!

HC: Assuming you will be traveling a lot this year for calendar signings and promotions, is there one place you are hoping or looking forward to visiting?

CM:  I have no clue if/ where I will be going that is out of the 48 contiguous states but I have my hopes and wishes... I would love to go to every Hooters all over the world but if I had to choose my top three places it'd be the Hooters in Hawaii, the Hooters in Australia or the Hooters in South Africa!  I'd also love to go to the Hooters that Hika, Miss Hooters World, works at in Japan.  I think that would be so cool!  I also know Hooters Calendar goes to Bimini to shoot every now and then... sadly with the hurricanes I'm not sure that would be a possibility this year, but that is one place I had always wanted to go to with the calendar crew!

HC: What kind of music are you most likely listening to when driving around town?

CM: Oh gosh!  My music play list is all over the place!  I listen to classic rock, R&B, country, reggae, and Latin music I can dance to!  Country is probably my favorite though! 

HC: Any pets?

CM:  I have a few pets!  My family pets are a yorkie named Tootsie, a schnauzer named Snickers, two Persian kitty cats named Angel and Skittle, my own doggie who is a beautiful red Pomeranian named Lola and then my boyfriend and I have two slider turtles named Penelope and Godzilla!

HC: If you had an all expenses paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you want to go and why?

CM: This was so hard for me to answer because there are so many places I'm dying to visit!  I finally narrowed it down to Fiji!  I have a friend who was born and raised there and another friend who was lucky enough to visit while we were living in Australia and they both claim its one of the most wonderful places in the world! 

HC: Thanks, Chelsea! Have a great year as Miss Hooters International and the Cover Girl for the 2018 Hooters Calendar! We look forward to seeing you around! :)

CM:  Thank you so much!  I can't wait for everything that this next year has in store for me!